So, back up what you say… let’s see it!


Preaching on a San Francisco street corner one evening, Harry Ironside was challenged by an atheist, a leader of the old I.W.W. movement, to debate on Christianity versus atheism.

Before the crowd of 300 or 400 people, he accepted the challenge—adding, however, that he had one condition. The atheist must present at least two bona fide witnesses who had been saved from lives of disgrace and degradation by their belief, while he would provide no less than 100 who had been saved from the same state by the gospel of Christ. Hurriedly the atheist declined the terms and left, to the delight of the crowd.

Thousands and thousands, really millions of lives have been and are being transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Has yours?


One thought on “So, back up what you say… let’s see it!

  1. Thank you. I am aware that it is hard to admit that it was almost impossible to come out as an atheist back then because of the hate, the prejudices, the bigotry of your religious brothers and sisters, so I really appreciate you doing that.

    Fortunately, today many things are changing and it’s not really hard to find people who will gladly tell you of their lives that took a turn for the better after they left their religious convictions behind them.

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