Vision is everything for a leader- John Maxwell


“Vision is everything for a leader. It is utterly indispensable. Why? Because vision leads the leader. It paints the target, sparks and fuels the fire within, and draws them forward. And it is also the fire-lighter for others who follow those leaders. Show me a leader without vision, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t going anywhere. At best, they’re traveling in circles.

To get a handle on vision and how it comes to be a part of a good leader, understand these things:

1) Vision starts within

2) Vision draws on your history

3) Vision meets others’ needs

4) Vision helps you gather resources

One of the most valuable benefits of vision is that it acts like a magnet—attracting, challenging, and uniting people.. The greater the vision, the more winners it has the potential to attract. The more challenging the vision, the harder the participants fight to achieve it.

taken from “A Leader’s Heart” – John Maxwell (pg. 13)


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