“Jesus Continued” book review- J.D. Greear


Just imagine being one of the men who actually saw Jesus Christ when He was physically on earth. How amazing it would have been to see Him give worth and healing to someone scorned like a prostitute, or an outcast tax collector, or a despised leper, or physical healing to a blind man or a crippled up person.
But to those of us who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, He tells us because of the presence of the Holy Spirit living within us, we can do greater things than He was doing !
How is that possible?
For one, when Jesus walked on this earth, He could not be everywhere, but today, his Spirit can be everywhere at once-in believers throughout the world.
Second of all, by the Spirit’s enabling, we can be used of Him to bring the life giving message of the Gospel to others so that not only physical healing can be done, but life altering, eternal healing can be produced.
I want to encourage you to read this book about the Holy Spirit’s work and desires for our life today. I found it to be so insightful, challenging, and easy to read. It was a treat to read.


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