The thought never occurred to them …


Over the years, I’ve heard many motivating messages at conferences, or at a church meeting, but this one is special.
This talk is from Pastor Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Church. It is the first message (Part 1) in a series called, “The God I wish you knew”.

In our world today, there are literally millions of people to whom the thought never occurred that there is a living God who loves them—a God who doesn’t demand that they act a certain “religious” way before He is willing to acknowledge their life. Just the opposite, He is a God that says, “come to Me, just as you are. I love you.” This is a God I wish you knew.

Let me encourage you if you have any questions in your head about who God is, or even if there is a God, then take a risk and listen to this message.

Really, what have you to lose? For roughly the time of a sitcom on TV, this talk could be just what you need (or someone you know) that could change the direction of your life (or a friend’s)—how exciting is that!


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