Why would you…


We are in charge. We have a choice to impact our health in a positive way or a negative way. So, if we could make a slight adjustment in the way we do life, it makes sense to do something that will reap the greatest benefit.

My thoughts today are concerning stress. Stress is a terrible thing. From Mayo Clinic research, here are some of the consequences of stress:
•Muscle tension or pain
•Chest pain
•Change in sex drive
•Stomach upset
•Sleep problems
•Lack of motivation or focus
•Irritability or anger
•Sadness or depression

Compare two scenes. In the first you are taking the periodic table chart test by memorizing all 118 elements. In the other, you have been given an open book test on the same subject. Which scenario will cause more stress? Most likely the one where you are memorizing all the elements and remembering them during the pressure moments of taking the test.

These types of scenarios play out all day long. Some people try to memorize everything that comes their way. They try to remember to do this, to buy that when they go shopping, to meet with a certain person at a specific time, to say something when they meet with that person, etc. Trying to remember all these details produces stress. We mentally fatigue ourselves by trying to take the test without the book. What makes remembering all these details even more stressful is that new information is continually coming in and needing to be processed in your brain. —AHHH–it becomes so stressful. (Now why was that string around my finger ?).

Our best option is to form habits of writing notes down on paper, or using our phones to remember what we do not want to forget. It does not make sense to to keep adding more and more details in our minds when we could just put “our notes” somewhere for an “open book” test.

Try this easy practice. Begin writing everything down that you need to remember and notice the stress-relief this brings. I believe it will be a “freeing” experience.

These first two steps are so important…


In the 5 -Step life management process I coach, the first vital step is “Evaluation”. The second important step is “See all the areas of

These two steps are vital if we are wanting to be successful. Whether its managing all the responsibilities in life (see: My Balance Sheet listing of responsibilities), or focusing on one specific area, for example, Work; it is imperative that we review our responsibilities often to make sure that no single area is being neglected.

To illustrate and hopefully clarify, take the area of Work and my current position in Sales. Although I may do very well in my sales skill of prospecting and finding new customers, if I do not service my clients, I am neglecting a key element of my job. How pleased will my boss be when he realizes that all my work to bring in new business is for nothing because our customers are leaving out the back door? By not considering all the areas of my job at the same time, I am jeopardizing my successes.

The point is, ALL areas of responsibility in our life matter. If we neglect health, we may not have energy for work or family. If our spiritual life is neglected, our perspectives will be off and we may neglect family for work or stewardship for family and so on.

This discipline of Taking time to Evaluate and Seeing all areas of responsibility takes effort, but we will find this habit is well worth it.

thank you…..take care of yourself


Thank you for those who completed my short little survey request (surveys are still welcome- http://wp.me/p4pho9-eE)
The results were interesting. Out of the seven areas of responsibility we all have in life, the areas of taking time for personal leisure and personal health scored the lowest.
In light of that, as we move forward, I will try to put more of an emphasis on these areas of responsibility.
The impact of a strong leader is greatly reduced if he/she is sick at home (or in the hospital), or burnt out because of the lack of down time in the schedule.
Let me encourage you to start today to make health-building changes in your schedule. I’m not suggesting signing up for a yearly membership at the gym or doing a 3 day fast. I’m suggesting starting slowly with some very doable habits, such as:
* sleep more
* eat one less junk food snack
* walk more
* pray more (asking for help and guidance in the difficult areas of your life)
* let someone know of your desire to become more healthy

Quick favor request: would you please complete a quick 7 question survey?


As a Life Coach, I continue to strive to better understand the needs of people. One of the resources I use as I work with people is My Balance Sheet It is a tool to keep track of the different areas of responsibility in a person’s life.
Currently, I am doing this quick survey to help me understand how people in today’s culture balance the responsibilities in their life.
The survey is confidential and won’t take more than 30 seconds.
If you can complete it, I would be very appreciative.
Thank you.

your morality will…


I’m not sure where I came across this phrase, but I think it is very insightful. “our morality dictates our theology”

To me, it has to do with seeing our integrity (what we do when no one is looking) and morality decisions as a reflection on who we really believe God is.

Let me know what you think.

Have you ever…?


Have you ever misplaced your cell phone?

The other night, my wife and I were going to take a walk around the block, but I was missing my cell phone. So, I went up to our bedroom to get it, but could not find it.

I asked my wife to call my #, so I could hear its ring. She did, and I could hear the phone ringing. I looked on the bed in front of me, but then it seemed like the phone was on the dresser behind me.

I scanned across the dresser, but then it seemed like the phone was ringing behind me on the bed.

Now I getting frustrating. I asked my wife to call my phone one more time and the exact same thing happened. I could hear the phone ringing, but it was like a “sense-around” kind of thing, I could hear the phone ringing near me, but it was like it was hopping—always coming from behind me.

Now I was a bit frustrated so I asked my wife to come upstairs to help me. I thought I was losing my mind. She then asked if it was in my back pant’s pocket. Ugh—yeah, it was.

I mention this story because it was funny. At times, life can be so stressful with work, money, relationship issues. Incidents like this, although they don’t happen often, are good reminders for me to enjoy life, be willing to laugh at myself, and not take myself so seriously.

Enjoy your day. Take time to smile and to laugh.