“Beyond the Idea” book review


When I read a book, I like to have a pencil in hand to mark something in the book that stands out to me as particularly interesting.

As I read through “Beyond the Idea” by Vijay Govindarajan, I realized that I was highlighting, probably half the book.

To say that I found this book an interesting read would be a huge understatement. It was fascinating because it was so relevant and insightful.

This is how Chapter 1 begins:

“Innovation is a two-part challenge. Part one is ideas, part two is execution.

To win, you have to succeed at both. Many companies, however, expend most or nearly all of their energies on part one. As such, they tend to produce a great many ideas on paper that never become anything more than…ideas on paper.

The most important message in “Beyond the Idea” is very simple: Part two, innovation execution, is its own unique discipline. It requires time, energy, and distinct thinking. Unfortunately, few companies treat it as such.”

How’s that for engaging?

Let me encourage you to be among those few organizations that think (and act) differently.

Start with reading this book and enjoy the journey towards a greater innovation experience and results!


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