“Influencer” book review


In research presented in “Influencer”, the authors reveal that in the past 30 years:
* fewer than one in eight workplace change efforts produces anything other than cynicism
*fewer than 10% of us succeed when setting out to change our excessive spending inadequate exercise , and other bad habits.
* Two -thirds of the felons who are released from our “correctional” system return within three years—completely uncorrected–while having earned an advanced degree in crime.

These statistics are sobering. This book seeks to offer a solution. It is filled with plenty of practical advice on how to become an influencer, such as the need for focus when it comes to our communication with others, or the need to be sensitive to those two or three vital actions that produce the greatest amount of change. Lastly, the authors talk of their research which shows that by getting six different sources of influence to work in their favor, influencers increase their odds of success tenfold!

For those individuals looking to play more of a role in bringing solutions to life and organization problems, this will be a very helpful read for you.

Authors: Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler


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