Why not “test market” your home?


When a company considers launching a new product, they will often “test market” that product in one or two small areas to see how consumers like their product. After the test is completed, they will then conclude their research, make any adjustments they need to the product, and then release it to the broader market.

In a similar way, if you are considering selling your home, but you are not really sure what your house would sell for, or even if it would sell, why not try something unique. Why not put a sign on your lawn that says, “CONSIDERING SELLING HOME”. Here are some likely things that will happen:

* this sign will draw attention because it will be different—there are no other signs like this on people’s lawns
* you will get interest from buyers, so be prepared to have a price you would be wanting to get for your home
* be aware that you will also get the attention of real estate sales people. That will be fine. You will benefit from receiving their thoughts on how your house will sell
* in addition to their input, if you decide to go with a realtor, it will give you an opportunity to negotiate the lowest commission rate as many realtors will compete to get your business

Why not be different?


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