Abraham —book review – Charles Swindoll


Do you remember your last road trip? When I drive a long distance, I enjoy stopping at McDonalds. One thing I like about going there is its consistency.
The food is the same from one restaurant to the next. That is one of the strengths of their brand.

You may not think of authors as “brands”, but after having just read Charles Swindoll’s new book, “Abraham”, I reflected on his “brand”. His writings are consistent; consistently good.

This book, on the life of Abraham, whose story is recorded in the Old Testament, was such an enjoyable and challenging read for me. Swindoll communicates with a very clear style as he explains Biblical context while allowing the reader to imagine what it would have been like to be Abraham during the time he lived.

It was also a book with ideas that challenged the me as Swindoll shares relevant applications from the events in Abraham’s life.

I’m a big Charles Swindoll fan. If you have never read any of his books, this might be a good start; you will enjoy it.


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