Precious words from a daughter


A few hours ago, I was doing an errand with my 24 year old daughter. I forget the specific words she used, but it was something along the lines of, “it was so helpful for me growing up to know you would always take time for me and be willing to talk about anything that I brought up. You were always there to help me.”

When I heard those words, I tried to mention to her (but I got a little choked up doing so), ” I can’t even imagine not being involved in your life – I love you so much”
What struck me as I tried to voice those words was the very real pain I could imagine feeling if I were not involved in my kids’ lives.

Fathers, actually all parents I would like to express the following to: never, ever underestimate the HUGE influence you are in your kid’s lives. Your attention to their lives is so important and if you are not watchful, you can totally miss the precious gift of a relationship with your kids that you can have.

I understand that we are all busy, but please never, ever get so used to seeing your kids around that you take them for granted because they will not always be around. Once they are gone, it is hard to get them back.

Beginning today, move beyond having good intentions and BE INTENTIONAL about spending time with your children now, while you can. Avoid the feelings and scars of future REGRETs because of mixed up priorities today.

Observations from the beach…


Awhile ago, I watched some boys spending hours creating a sand castle complex that was unbelievable. The towers of the castle were made with great detail. The moat was designed well and even had water in it. People couldn’t help but stop as they walked near it to express their appreciation for the work that went into this beautiful creation.
I had heard there was a hurricane in the forecast and knew this castle was temporary.

As I reflected, I appreciated the scene before me.
* the father never seemed to stop his boys from building the sand castle even though, I believe, he knew of its temporary life
* although the boys had put much work into their project, by the end of the following day, they would have nothing to show for all their hard work
* regardless of how well their “sand project” turned out, the storm was coming. The hurricane would hit that beach whether there was a sand castle or not. It was on its way.
* Although the effort by the boys was much appreciated by passers-by, the bottom line was the sand castle would be gone soon. It would not last.

So, what’s the point to all this? Its perspective.

Like the certainty of the hurricane that was coming to the beach, so too the reality of our limited time on earth is a given. The issue of how big or small our “sand castle” is doesn’t affect the certainty that an end will come for each
and every person.Perspective is important in that we need to ask ourselves why so many of us strive to build bigger and better “sand castles” (stuff), when we can’t take it with us when we die. Others may appreciate what we do, or what we have, but in the end, “so what?” Its all going to get blown away by the coming storm.

Please understand that I believe life should be enjoyed (just like, I’m sure the boys were enjoying themselves on the beach), but it is important for us to always keep things in perspective. People matter and Relationships matter. The endless pursuit of stuff is not really worth the stress and damaged relationships that can occur, especially when, in the end, all our “sand castles” won’t really matter.

People matter and relationships matter.

Abraham —book review – Charles Swindoll


Do you remember your last road trip? When I drive a long distance, I enjoy stopping at McDonalds. One thing I like about going there is its consistency.
The food is the same from one restaurant to the next. That is one of the strengths of their brand.

You may not think of authors as “brands”, but after having just read Charles Swindoll’s new book, “Abraham”, I reflected on his “brand”. His writings are consistent; consistently good.

This book, on the life of Abraham, whose story is recorded in the Old Testament, was such an enjoyable and challenging read for me. Swindoll communicates with a very clear style as he explains Biblical context while allowing the reader to imagine what it would have been like to be Abraham during the time he lived.

It was also a book with ideas that challenged the me as Swindoll shares relevant applications from the events in Abraham’s life.

I’m a big Charles Swindoll fan. If you have never read any of his books, this might be a good start; you will enjoy it.

“Storm” book review -Jim Cymbala


This book rocked my world. I loved it.
I was challenged by Jim’s perspective of today’s church culture. So often we seem to look to the latest entertainment and presentation fad or new church growth strategy instead of relying on the presence of the Holy Spirit and the power in the preaching of the Gospel.
I was also very moved by several chapters of testimonies; people whose lives have been changed by the love of God and the way their lives were so wonderfully used by God to impact others.

Pastor Cymbala offers some firm words to all Christians. They are words, humbly spoken that we need to hear.

To reach your potential… (John Maxwell quote)


To have an opportunity to reach your potential, you must know who you are and face your flaws. To do that:
1) See yourself clearly
2) Admit your flaws honestly
3) Discover your strengths joyfully
4) Build on those strengths passionately

“You can reach your potential tomorrow if you dedicate yourself to growth today.”

taken from “A Leader’s Heart” John Maxwell – pg. 249

Free – Assessment for you and/or your employees…


Employees and Volunteers matter to an organization. They are more than just numbers, they are people. Yes, their productivity matters when they are working, but understand they have lives beyond the hours they clock in at work or in their volunteer efforts. When there are too many pressures going on outside of work, the worker’s performance suffers. When too much time is spent at work, the quality of their life outside of work suffers.

If you are involved in the leadership of your organization, for a limited time, I am offering a FREE 45 minute class to organizations on the key concepts of the Life Management Process: Evaluation, Seeing All Areas of Responsibility, Making Priorities, Setting Goals, and Managing the Process.

These concepts are applicable for reviewing all areas of responsibility in a person’s life (Devotion to God, Personal Health, Family, Stewardship, Work, Ministry/Volunteering, Leisure), as well as specifically in any one given area, such as work.

After the 45 minute presentation of why all these steps can be so beneficial, I would then give to those who attend, a Free Assessment questionnaire. When they are completed and returned to me, I would write up a free evaluation summary for each person.

If anyone (men only) would want to take it to the next level and meet with me for life coaching, I would be happy to consider setting up individual meetings.

Anyway, the hope for this class would be for each person to bring to their lives a more healthy balance and to have a greater motivation to pursue excellence in each of their areas of responsibility, including their work performance.

Besides making this offer to organizations, I am also willing to extend a free Life Management Assessment and Evaluation to individuals.

If you have any questions, and/or to schedule a class or to get a Free Assessment, please let me know. You can contact me at

Thank you for your consideration.