Redefining Leadership-Joe Stowell book review


Like a boat getting swept up in the strong currents of a river, it is very easy for leaders in our culture to be obsessed with outcomes. For many leaders, they resort to using their position to pressure their workers to keep producing. The demands come for more and more productivity with little gratitude to those who work so hard. The results may be short term achievements, but often, in the long term, there is burn out and frustration from overworked and under-appreciated workers.

Joe Stowell writes in “Redefining Leadership” of another way to go about leadership. He suggests following the pattern of Jesus Christ-formed character and the principles outlined in the Sermon on the Mount.

Yes, this type of leadership will be radically different than what is so often encouraged in our culture, but the benefits of this model will be enjoyed by employees (volunteers), management, and in the bottom line.

Leaders, enjoy being challenged!

One thought on “Redefining Leadership-Joe Stowell book review

  1. Thanks for the review. I have it on my list of “must reads”. I like the analogy you used. It is easy to get swept up by the strong currents to the point where the currents are directing our path. It is a reminder to us all to chart the course and stick to the plan. We will all get “off course” from time to time, but like any pilot, you adjust your path and get back on course. Thanks Walter for your posts…..

    Billy Dean

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