Christianity on Trial – book review -W. Mark Lanier


I don’t know if you have ever been in a courtroom, but if you have, its a pretty sobering experience. There’s just a feel about the formality of the courtroom, the bailiff announcing the coming of the judge, and the judge himself (or herself) that gives you the feeling that truth and justice will prevail and that this is all a very serious matter.

The case that is being judged will stand on its own, as the evidence gets presented. If I’m the defendant in the case, its not a question of how I feel about what happened. The jury or the judge will look at all the evidence and from it will determine if I had violated the law in any way. Its the weight of the evidence in its totality that will determine the verdict.

In the book,Christianity on Trial, it is the Christian faith that is on trial. The author is W. Mark Lanier, one of the country’s top lawyers, and he presents his defense of the Christian faith in a format that would be similar to presentations in a trial. It would have, therefore, an opening statement, the call of witnesses, and a closing statement.

I especially appreciated a comment near the end of the book. Lanier points out that there are two types of people that will not benefit from this book– “two different groups that would not likely be allowed on a jury regarding the faith. First, the person that would say, “I believe! I don’t care what the evidence is. I have a prejudice and bias that Jesus was resurrected. I was born into it; it is genetic.” .. this person has a bias that would preclude jury service…..

The second group says, “I cannot set aside my prejudice about the laws of nature. A resurrection is a functional impossibility. It doesn’t matter if fifty thousand people saw it, those fifty thousand must be deceived.”

This person does not have an open mind, even to the idea that God can do what is impossible for people and molecules….. They are making their choice based on their bias and prejudice. The evidence becomes irrelevant and not worth listening to or examining.”

This book is for a person who is searching for truth in the matter of the Christian faith. One who is willing to be open-minded enough to put themselves in the role of a juror who is willing to look at all the evidence.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Christianity on Trial.


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