Who wants to be held accountable?


You should !
As followers of this blog know, I have stated that there are 5 stages in the
Life Management Process:
Seeing all the Areas of Responsibility
Setting Priorities
Making Goals
Managing the Process

Today, I want to remind us of the importance of Accountability in that final
“Managing the Process” stage.

Some people are very disciplined and hold themselves to a very strict accountability standard.
Others might be helped by some app that keeps them on target with impartial performance objectives while still others are benefited by a coach, mentor, or an accountability partner.

Be intentional about managing your life by keeping clear goals, including a time frame for meeting your goals,
and have someone (preferable) or something keep you accountable to stay focused.

Almost all of us have good intentions, and thoughts, and dreams, but few of us accomplish those things. Those that do have someone (or something) keeping them focused.

At times we won’t like the pressure of accountability, but submit yourselves to being held accountable and watch your
productivity improve!

You are the President of you!



Our President of the U.S. has a cabinet, people who he can delegate oversight of important areas of our nation (Sec. Of State, Sec. Of the Treasury, Sec. Of Education, etc.). It would be impossible for the President to pay attention to the details and concerns of so many different areas of responsibility at the same time. So too, it will be helpful to us, if we can find trusted and skilled individuals to be on our “cabinet”, people that we can go to for help in time of need.

For example, I have an accountant that I go to for financial advice. I have a car mechanic that I go to for auto help. My wife is a crucial trusted advisor. I also have other people I look to for their knowledge in other areas of life, and getting their input is so appreciated.

Let me encourage you to take a moment to write down people that come to your mind who can lend assistance and give you advice in each of the areas of responsibility in your life.
If you have people who hold to your core convictions and are willing to help you (and through their input to minimize mistakes in your life (regrets)), why wouldn’t you take advantage of that help?

Please keep in mind that in this decision of who should be on your cabinet, you will benefit if you have diversity.
It will be wise to have people who can challenge you in your
thinking and to look at things from different perspectives; individuals of different ethnicities, culture, age, and gender.

You have just been promoted to President of You, now go ahead and select your cabinet to be the most effective You !

It was a Wake Up call…


How much time do you have remaining on this earth? 10 years, 25 years, 50 years? Who knows, right?
My guess though is that most of us think that final day is far down the road. Anyway, that’s how I think.


After a long day at work today, I was driving home, only to experience coming to an unexpected traffic back up. I was still a little bit from being fully caught up in it, so I saw slightly up ahead that there was a side street off to my left. Quick, I thought, I will turn on the side street and take back roads to my house.
Unfortunately, there were many cars up ahead that were starting to do the U-turn thing because they were not moving at all. Ugh. Now, there was starting building traffic on the other side of the road, as well.
I saw my window of opportunity coming. It was a small window and I thought “I’m going to go for it”.

As the moment came, I had second thoughts about punching it and I hesitated. Then, I thought, “I can still make it”. But, now the approaching car was near, very near.

Whew! I made it, but it way too close.

Fortunately, my Sonata has excellent pick up. Let me say that again with more emphasis FORTUNATELY, MY SONATA HAS EXCELLENT PICK UP! Did I say already that it was close?

As I reflected on this near, very near accident, I thought to myself–how close I had come to a major accident and how my life and the life of my loved ones could have changed just like that—-all so unexpected.

Let me ask you, “how much time do you have to live? The truth is, no one knows. Maybe it will be another 50 years, but maybe it will be 1 more day.

Let me encourage you to benefit from my impatient driving experience and the insights I’ve been considering:

*is there anyone who you are in a conflict with that needs reconciling–why wait any longer?
*are there any issues in your life that you are stressing out about that in the big scheme of things are really not that big of a deal? Let them go!
*are you realizing the preciousness of your spouse and your children and closest friends? Please don’t let them ever feel unappreciated and unloved–let them know today (or soon) how much they mean to you.
*practically speaking, is your house in order? Do you have a will? Do your closest relatives know where your important financial and legal documents are stored?
*I’ve come to a new level of gratefulness for all the miles my family and I drive where we have been fortunate not to have been in any accidents–expressing gratefulness to God and praying for continued protection is a valuable lesson to be applied.
*if an unfortunate accident would happen today to you, are you ready to meet God? Let me encourage you to check out this link because this is one question you can’t get wrong (the consequences are eternal and that’s a long time)—-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWcDXT6pH7A

I’m grateful for frightening experiences like I had today because it has provided me with a wake up to be much more aware of the preciousness of life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me: hwalter850@aol.com

To be successful at work . . .


These are challenging times. Many people have been looking for work for some time.
With hopes of helping you find a job that you will be successful at, consider these questions as you prepare for your next job, or as you consider how you are doing at your current job.

Do you take initiative?
Are you diligent?
Do you demonstrate creativity?
Do you exercise wisdom?
Are you consistently demonstrating competency in your responsibilities?
Can you be trusted?
Can you work well in a team setting?
Are you adding value to your department and organization?

Persevere in the hard times


In this “have to have it in an instant” culture, let me remind you to not lose sight of the importance of persevering.

Maybe its in a relationship that has been difficult for a while now.

Maybe its a financial area that just seems like you’ll never get out of the deep debt you have.

Maybe its with your weight and you just feel like you will never get to your “goal weight”.

Maybe you feel like your business will just never turn a profit.

Whatever it might be, please realize that great things seldom come easy or fast. Steam only occurs when the water temperature finally crosses over the 212 degrees mark. At 211 degrees its still just hot water.

As I have persevered in my yearlong quest to memorize 7 chapters in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy (4-10), I have benefited from many valuable lessons, one of which is the need to persevere.

Many times, I have felt like I was not getting anywhere. Many times I have felt like I just don’t want to put the time in any more.

How sad it would be if you could look back at your life and see that if you would have just hung in there just a bit longer, success was right around the corner.

Persevere in your hard times!

Redefining Leadership-Joe Stowell book review


Like a boat getting swept up in the strong currents of a river, it is very easy for leaders in our culture to be obsessed with outcomes. For many leaders, they resort to using their position to pressure their workers to keep producing. The demands come for more and more productivity with little gratitude to those who work so hard. The results may be short term achievements, but often, in the long term, there is burn out and frustration from overworked and under-appreciated workers.

Joe Stowell writes in “Redefining Leadership” of another way to go about leadership. He suggests following the pattern of Jesus Christ-formed character and the principles outlined in the Sermon on the Mount.

Yes, this type of leadership will be radically different than what is so often encouraged in our culture, but the benefits of this model will be enjoyed by employees (volunteers), management, and in the bottom line.

Leaders, enjoy being challenged!

this is a simple, but important reminder to…


This is a fairly direct post—its a simple reminder to make it a priority today to spend time with your children and loved ones.

There will always be other things you can be doing with your time and energy, but as you invest your time in building a relationship with your loved ones, you will be amazed at the benefits that come from it.

Treasure these precious moments today with your loved ones while you can. Who knows what changes in circumstances will come tomorrow.