The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday book review


We all experience problems and frustrations. That’s life.

How we deal with those “negative” circumstances can have dramatic consequences, good or bad.

The majority of us will deal with those “negative” circumstances in the same way–we get angry, discouraged, or bitter. However, we would all probably agree that very little good comes from reacting in that kind of way.

In the book, The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday, the author, helps us to see that these “negative” circumstances can in fact turn out to be “positive” experiences if we handle them correctly. We can learn from our mistakes; we can be stretched to persevere; and we can be pressured to think more creatively.

Holiday provides some very practical suggestions on how to deal positively when troubles come our way. Some of the chapter titles include “steadying our nerves”, “controlling our emotions”, “thinking differently”, “preparing to act”, and many more.

Not only did I appreciate his practical insights on coping with challenging times, but the biographical examples of people who dealt positively with difficult times was very helpful in reinforcing the different principles Ryan was writing about.

“The Obstacle is the Way” is a book that you will enjoy reading and also applying the content.


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