The Grave Robber – Mark Batterson


Perspective, grounded in truth, will be the doorway to a life of adventure.
That is my take away from reading Mark Batterson’s new book, The Grave Robber.
In this book, Mark Batterson looks at the seven miracles found in the Gospel of John.
Mark has a way of analyzing Scripture and making it relevant to us through stories of his own life, from history, or by explaining concepts through the nuances of science.
Like other books Batterson has written, such as The Circle Maker, or Wild Goose Chase, he conveys vital Christian truth —our God is awesome!

God is amazing in His power. He is awesome in the way He has choreographed history through His Sovereignty. He is awesome in His love for people and the extent to which He is willing to get involved in our lives to do the miraculous AND to use those events to encourage us and bring us hope.

You will enjoy this book; I am certain it will elevate your view of our great and mighty God and it will leave you expectant for what He desires to do in your life today!


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