I can’t take it any longer…..then what? —Holy Discontent -book review


Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels

Have you ever reached a point where you just can’t take a situation any longer?
It concerns you so much that you must do something about it. You become convinced in your mind that you have to be a part of the solution.

Holy Discontent is written with a superb balance of humility, challenge, humor, application, and transparency by Bill Hybels, pastor at Willow Creek Community Church.

I believe this book will not only encourage you to evaluate your own life and motivations, but it will also challenge you to consider what is important enough to give your life for. Hybels writes that we are all wired differently, and we will all see needs around us that we will feel compelled to be doing something about. These may be described as our passions.

Identifying that area in our lives, responding to it, and going after it is our destiny. It is what we were meant to tackle.

Pursuing our area of holy discontent will also bring us the greatest satisfaction in our lives. We long to satisfy this ache in our souls .

I would strongly recommend this book.


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