Would others come to you for this?

On a recent business trip, I watched a series of movies about Ip Man.  He was a 
Chinese martial arts instructor.   You might have heard about one of his 
students, Bruce Lee.
In one scene that I watched,  Ip Man defeats a thug and after he does, several 
people who saw the fight approach Ip Man to ask him if they can be his students.
Later on my trip, I was driving and just enjoying my drive when I thought about 
Biblical models of the teacher and student relationship.
* there was Elisha following Elijah
* there was John the Baptist and his followers
* there was Jesus and his disciples
* in 1 Corinthians 1, a problem developed in the Corinthian church because the 
Christians there began emphasizing their loyalty to certain personalities, like 
Cephas , Apollos, and Paul, moreso, than a focus on Jesus Himself.  (this 
caution about treating preachers as celebrities is something we would be wise to 
heed today in light of the growing influence of megachurch pastors).

My point in all this is that a person will submit himself to another person to 
be taught by them only when they perceive there is more value to doing so, than 

For example, a businessman would not, under normal circumstances  spend  $1000 
to make $1000, thus just breaking even.  However, he would spend $1000 to make 
$5000 ($4000 profit).

So, with that in mind, how influential are you to others?    Do others see in 
your life attractive character qualities, knowledge, and life, that would desire 
to be taught by you?

Paul, says in Ephesians 4, imitate me, as I seek to imitate Christ.  How 
satisfied or confident in your walk (understanding it is all by His grace)  that 
you would be able to make that statement to others?

If we are to take God's Word seriously about going out and making disciples  
(really followers of Jesus), let us ask for God's help and purpose to be more 
serious in walking in obedience and joy, and in the power of God.



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