Bill Belichick- “War Room”


In one Google search of “The Top Coaches of All Time”, Bill Belichick (coach of the New England Patriots) was  ranked in the #7 position. Next to his name, there was a description of what he  was most  known for; it was “attention to detail”.

Reading this book was so insightful. It revealed the character qualities that contributed to this coach being so successful, one of the best of all time. It was inspiring to me and made me re-look at how I look at my life and how committed I am to excellence.
The following aspects of his coaching style stood out to me:
– there was an obsession for sustained success
– one of the regrets he had as a coach was that he didn’t celebrate enough with his team
– he listened and learned from his players
– the expectation was that each person performed their job with perfection
– Belichick was not about selfishness. His focus was on winning, doing the job well, doing it thoroughly, and being prepared

Read this book and be inspired.


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