“Walk” by James Nicodem

This is the 4th book in his Bible Savvy series.
Friends, if you, or a person you know understands that there is something 
special about the Bible, but have a hard time making sense of it when you read 
it, then this book is a must read.
Its a short book, but loaded with very practical suggestions on how to read the 
Bible and apply it.
I especially liked two things in this book:  one was the chapter on a Bible 
study method following the acronym: C-O-M-A (context-observation-message-application). 

The other thing that really struck home to me was a section on "habits".   He 
says, "let me suggest that anyone who ever excels at anything gets there by 
practicing certain habits" .  He also says " Godly habits have the power  to 
propel you on to spiritual growth".
James is a gifted communicator and you will enjoy his style of writing, finding 
it both informative and easy to relate with.   It is a kind of book that makes for a great 
gift to a friend.

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