“The Pro” – by Butch Harmon


“The Pro” by Claude “Butch” Harmon
I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable book. It is an insightful account of
experiences from a golfing pro and coach laced with valuable lessons not only on
the game of golf (golfers will truly benefit from the lessons scattered
throughout this book), but also on their application for living life.
“Butch” is consistent throughout the book in attributing most of his golfing
knowledge to his father who was also a golf pro and golfing instructor.
For me, one of the key lessons taught in the book was that of having purpose.
Butch explains that successful golfers focus on targets as they play the game.
They are aiming at something and strategically planning their shots. A pro
doesn’t just swing his clubs. As was pointed out in the book, many people just
“swing their clubs”. In other words, they just live their lives out with no purpose
in mind for what they do. They live one day at a time but without any intentional
direction. Although there might be some initial pleasures, the lack of purpose will
most likely end up in frustration. Read this book– you will enjoy it.

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