Context- James Nicodem


“Context–how to  understand the Bible” by James Nicodem (senior pastor of Christ Community Church) is
an excellent book to help better understand the reading of the Bible.  Nicodem talks about the helpfulness of understanding the historical setting of a Bible passage, the literary format it was written in (narrative, poetry, parable, etc.), the theological setting, and the immediate setting.
You might be thinking by these titles that this is going to be boring stuff.  Far from it.  It is written in a very down to earth style and brings to light several Scripture passages.  When understood in the context of why they were written in the way they were, well, it makes the Scriptures come alive —-and that, in itself,  makes this a good read.

In my opinion, the book had almost a Hermeneutics (the ground rules for interpreting the Bible)  for Dummies feel (if there were such a thing).  Great information written so down to earth, that it made for very enjoyable reading.

This is just one book of four in the Bible Savvy series.

Context -James Nicodem

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