The 5 steps in the Life Management Process


5 steps in the Process

Many of us want to make changes in our life, but we don’t have any guidelines for doing so.   What happens then typically is that we’ll have a good intention to try this, or that, but these attempts are often short lived (think New Year’s resolutions).

With these 5 steps in the Life Management process, you now have a sequence of steps to get you on track.

1) The Evaluation stage is so vital.  Its intentionally taking the time to consider where you are at today and where you want to be in the future with your life.

2) The Identifying all the areas of your responsibility is another huge step because it helps you take ownership for all the responsibilities you have and understanding also that there are other people’s lives you influence. Rather than just thinking in terms of “managing your life”, with this step, it begins to help you get practical.

3) Setting Priorities–identifying all of your responsibilities is one thing, but does each area carry the same weight? Setting priorities allows you to begin taking steps of execution.  Like the doctors in an emergency room, setting priorities helps you focus with what needs to be dealt with first .

4) Making Goals–now that you’ve identified areas of your responsibility and set some priorities, the next stage is to ask “what do you want to accomplish in these areas”?  What are you aiming for ?

5) Managing the Process- once you’ve gone through the first 4 steps, the process just needs to be consistently repeated

These 5 steps can act as your road map to accomplishing improvements and changes in your life.   What do you think ?  Does it help give you a bit more direction than a wishful desire to change?


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