Bill Belichick- “War Room”


In one Google search of “The Top Coaches of All Time”, Bill Belichick (coach of the New England Patriots) was  ranked in the #7 position. Next to his name, there was a description of what he  was most  known for; it was “attention to detail”.

Reading this book was so insightful. It revealed the character qualities that contributed to this coach being so successful, one of the best of all time. It was inspiring to me and made me re-look at how I look at my life and how committed I am to excellence.
The following aspects of his coaching style stood out to me:
– there was an obsession for sustained success
– one of the regrets he had as a coach was that he didn’t celebrate enough with his team
– he listened and learned from his players
– the expectation was that each person performed their job with perfection
– Belichick was not about selfishness. His focus was on winning, doing the job well, doing it thoroughly, and being prepared

Read this book and be inspired.

2 quotes to change your thinking- Aristotle


Most of us will have a few quiet moments in the car or sometime else.  Here are two quotes from Aristotle that can “rock your world”:

“we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit”

“champions are not made in the ring, they are merely recognized there”

Pretty thought-provoking, huh!

Celebrating the Sabbath Day


Celebrating the Sabbath day-b

For the past three months, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the book of Deuteronomy; one of the many places the Israelites were commanded to “remember the Sabbath day”.  In Deuteronomy Chapter 5,  the Israelites were instructed to rest on this day; no work  was to be done. It reminds me of one of our holidays.  For instance, the way many of us spend our Thanksgiving or Christmas or the 4th of July.  It was a day off work;  a day to rest and enjoy with others. It goes on to say in verse 15 of chapter 5,  “Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the Lord your God brought you out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.  Therefore the Lord your God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath day.” (NIV) So why should we observe a Sabbath day today?  One reason is to rest and be refreshed.   Another reason is to remember what God did for the Israelites?   What did he do?  He delivered the Israelites by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm from those who were oppressing them and keeping them in bondage as slaves.  Does that sound familiar or ring true to us as Christians?  Someone using great power and an outstretched arm (think the cross) to deliver us out of bondage (think sin)?  Having this insight in mind encourages me to think about Sundays  as a day of rest; but more than that,  a holiday and a day to celebrate the almighty God who has delivered me from the bondage of sin in my life. Amen. Cool, huh!

Striving for excellence in all areas of responsibility


Strive for excellence in all areas of your life-b

One major passion I have in my life is to help people understand that life is made up of more than a few areas, such as our work or family.   In fact, I believe there are seven major areas of responsibility. They are:

1)  Devotion to God 2)Personal Health (rest, exercise, enjoying life, diet, relationships, and stress) 3) Family                    4) Stewardship (managing our finances and resources) 5) Work 6) Ministry (volunteering) 7)  Personal Leisure

I  have centered my  life  around  being the best I can be in all these areas of responsibility and helping others to also be their best.  Why?  Because I believe the neglect of any one or more of these areas will result in great regrets . In addition, if  one neglects one or more of these areas, he will most likely cause hurt in those loved ones his life influences.

My vision for myself and others is to seek  perfection (not that it will happen, but a worthy goal, nonetheless).  Not perfection leading to pride, but that which seeks excellence.      A fitting example of excellence is that of Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 Olympics.  She was the first gymnast to ever earn a perfect “10 ” in the Olympics.  In fact, she received 7 of them, which is so perfect as an illustration of this vision of seeking excellence in all areas of our lives.

When you can, take a minute to watch  perfection:    Uneven Bars    Balance Beam

You will never regret your efforts at being the very best you can be in all areas of your life.

Our Perspective Matters



Our perspective matters-b

There is a story  in the Bible where twelve spies are sent out to check out the land of Israel  (the land referred to as the Promised Land).  After they  returned,  ten of them reported that the land looked great;  however, they went on to stress that the people looked strong, the cities  were fortified, and there were giants in the land. They spread their own fear across the nation.

There were two other men; one named Joshua and the other,   Caleb.   These men had a different perspective. Their focus wasn’t on the relative bigness of the difficulties they would be facing, but rather, on the bigness of the God of Israel.

With their perspective rightly on God;   His faithfulness, power, and His promises,  Caleb and Joshua were not alarmed.  For them, this was a slam dunk issue.  The situation might look difficult, but their God could give Israel the victory.

How does this lesson relate to our work, in fact our very lives?    Throughout our days, we will often times be faced with intimidating situations and circumstances that make us fearful and lead to worry.

It is at these very moments that we need to follow the perspective of  Caleb and Joshua.  We need to choose to  look on the bigness of our God  rather than on the perceived bigness of our difficulties.  We need to believe that “all things are possible with God” and nothing is too difficult for Him.

5 ways to love my wife

 Here are 5 ideas that I am working on to love my spouse.  I may not accomplish.these every day, but this is a goal I'm willing to put    time and effort towards because my wife is worth it.
1) partner with her in your finances: make a budget and stick to it. Sacrifice now for financial health in the future 
2) touch her --just because (with no ulterior motives) 
3) pray daily with her 
4) take time to talk with her daily (and to listen) 
5) be consistent in showing her good manners (treat her like a lady) 

Without goals or a vision, we just kind of "do life". However, with 
goals and vision, we accomplish the desires of our heart. We will see movement in the areas that are most important to us. Having a 
dynamic relationship with my spouse is one of my goals. Accomplishing this goal will take a great deal of effort. It will mean developing habits that will help contribute to making it happen. Oh, and one 
final thought, there is a world of difference between having good 
intentions (a desire)and being intentional (working hard and focused). The latter will bring success to your goals.

Robert Townsend – Up the organization (commemorative edition)

There are probably many of you who are already familiar with this book.  It is 
well known.   
Robert Townsend was the CEO of Avis in the 1960's when the company 
rose to become a serious competitor in the car rental business.
This book offers a series of short, 1-3 page thoughts about a variety of 
business topics.  
For people who have any kind of leadership/management responsibilities, you will 
benefit from the ideas Robert Townsend conveys. They are refreshing reminders on key business 
principles, such as:
    - keeping the customer at the forefront of your planning
    - making the workplace fun for your employees
    - beware of getting comfortable
    - being willing to ask honest, and tough questions on why you do things?
    - the importance of concentration (focus)
    - the warning against pride
Enjoy the coming Spring with a good book like this.